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BEATE JOHNEN OCEAN – Blue Biotechnology Extra Lift Pearl SerumBEATE JOHNEN OCEAN – Blue Biotechnology Extra Lift Pearl Serum
uses the ocean's treasures for a beautiful, youthful appearance that is full of tonicity and elasticity.

The power care with bioactive ingredients from the ocean – for radiantly beautiful skin.

  • An impressive and yet unique composition and cosmetic effect.
  • Remarkably rich in bioactive molecules.
  • The treasure chest of the sea – a future-orientated branch of industry for skin that is full of suppleness and has a long-lasting, youthful radiance.

A process for the particularly gentle extraction of the active ingredients in a highly concentrated form was developed with a specially composed team that works in the research fields of marine microbiology and process development in order to maintain the unique active potential, and thus the cosmetic effect.

The high-tech marine active substances noticeably strengthen the skin's moisture barrier, protecting it against dehydration and clearly countering the visible signs of premature skin ageing. Lines and wrinkles are visibly reduced, leaving the skin looking firmer and smoother at the same time.

The application form is adapted to the product to ensure that the active beads that are embedded in the hydrogel are freshly activated with every use. The hydrogel is enriched with high-quality marine active ingredients that also identify the skin's signals and specifically meet its individual requirements.

  • Innovative option in the field of anti-ageing
  • Rejuvenates the dermal stem cells
  • Activates the skin's own moisture supply to the epidermis
  • Strengthens the dermoepidermal junctions between the dermis and the epidermis
  • Active beads melt on application to create a silky serum
  • Lines and wrinkles are optically reduced
  • The occurrence of new wrinkles is noticeably slowed down at the same time
  • Visibly plumper, smoother skin
  • Activates the skin's own hyaluronic acid synthesis
  • Noticeably well moisturised, well cared-for skin

The result: skin that looks youthfully fresh and plump.


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