Spot on – against ticks and fleas –
for dogs and cats.

Spot on – gegen Zecken und Flöhe – für Hunde und Katzen.Enjoying a beautiful day in the garden, in the forest or between fields with your favourite four-legged friend – not only pleases your dog or cat, it also relaxes your own soul.

No matter if playing around with other animals, roaming through the fields or hunting mice - there are everywhere, ticks or fleas, to seize their chance. Unfortunately they are not only annoying and unaesthetic they can also be the carriers of dangerous diseases. Skin irritations and inflammations can occur at the injection areas, and when ticks are removed the head often remains in the skin. Lyme disease, which can even lead to paralysis of the limbs or the development of an anaplasmosis which causes a weakening of the immune system are dangerous consequences.

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MY DOKMY DOK® can stimulate the hair growth and offers a long-term help for hereditary hair loss

To stop hereditary hair loss, the patented active formula with arginine – a hair's own building block – is the ideal solution.
Arginine – a natural active ingredient contained in MY DOK® helps to support hair growth continuously, because a regular use of MY DOK® has been shown that the arginine in the hair increase.
This significant increase of arginine can stimulate hair growth. Already existing hereditary hair loss can be reduced and it although supports new hair growth.

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Sheet Masks

TuchmaskenSheet masks are the innovation in the field of face masks. They are becoming more and more popular all over the world.

This can be caused by several reasons:

  • sheet masks are significantly more effective than most serums or creams.
  • they act more precisely quickly and effectively because of the occlusive effect
  • the results are immediately visible and noticeable.
  • provide the ideal intensive treatment to solve many different skin issues.
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SanderStrothmann goes Asia!

20 Abril 2022

With Frederick Fong, we have been able to gain an expert for the Asian market who will support us from our new office in Singapore from April 2022. We are...

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

20 Diciembre 2019

SanderStrothmann GmbH will be closed due to company holidays from 21st December 2019 until 05th January 2020.


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