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Spot on – against ticks and fleas –
for dogs and cats.

Spot on – gegen Zecken und Flöhe – für Hunde und Katzen.Enjoying a beautiful day in the garden, in the forest or between fields with your favourite four-legged friend – not only pleases your dog or cat, it also relaxes your own soul.

No matter if playing around with other animals, roaming through the fields or hunting mice - there are everywhere, ticks or fleas, to seize their chance. Unfortunately they are not only annoying and unaesthetic they can also be the carriers of dangerous diseases. Skin irritations and inflammations can occur at the injection areas, and when ticks are removed the head often remains in the skin. Lyme disease, which can even lead to paralysis of the limbs or the development of an anaplasmosis which causes a weakening of the immune system are dangerous consequences.

Many of the existing products only offer a limited protection, contain chemicals that often lead to undesirable side effects or are impractical to use. A collar may not directly damage your four-legged friend – but after for example touching it, washing your hands is recommended – especially with small children which like to put their fingers into their mouth. Nutritional supplements have to go through the entire digestive tract, and so on …

So how about a very well-tolerated, highly effective and harmless (for humans and animals) anti-parasite product? Wishful thinking? Wrong! We have already achieved convincing results in efficacy studies which have also been confirmed by dog, cat and bird owners. Our NOSkito Spot-on with an active plant-based ingredient from the Eucalyptus citriodora oil will also protect your four-legged friend in 2019 from the annoying parasites.

Area of application

For healthy dogs, cats, feathered animals for the application to the spine (from the tail root to the skull).

For dogs from 6 months or older and for cats 12 weeks or older.

Performance data

  • Spot on – gegen Zecken und FlöheNature-based active ingredient from the essential oil of the upper leaves of the Eucalyptus citriodora tree
  • Protects the animal, effective up to 3 weeks against infestation by ticks and fleas
  • Consumer-friendly dosage and one-hand application
  • Works after approx. 30 minutes, then the product has spread
  • The plant-based active ingredient has an exceptionally reliable effect
  • Physical process without classical toxic effect
  • Without side effects, no risk of overdose
  • Not irritating
  • Safe, gentle and kind to the skin
  • No development of resistance
  • Works only on insects
  • Free from insecticides
  • Resealable packaging at lower dosages

Biocidal product (repellent)

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