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Beate Johnen TIME FREEZE Lifting up Body Soufflé
Beate Johnen TIME FREEZE Lifting up Body Soufflé

The new Time Freeze Lifting up Body Soufflé pampers your skin in a particularly gentle way. The light, airy, wonderfully creamy texture blends in with the skin and makes it appear immediately smoother and firmer. Skin irritations are markedly reduced and the appearance of skin irregularities and dents is counteracted. In addition, the Time Freeze Lifting up Body Soufflé provides lasting moisture. For a delicate and beautiful body skin!

The unique Re-Youth Complex takes on three functions: rejuvenation, freezing and protection. Its modes of action are manifold. Microparticles of arctic ice layers stimulate the skin's internal collagen synthesis and ensure a taut, tapered appearance. Key proteins protect the skin cells from environmental damage and oxidation. The optical signs of skin-aging are "frozen" and the longevity of the cells is preserved. Pure glacier water from the heart of the Valais Alps is considered a source of beauty. Even tired skin is animated and permanently moisturized. It is softer and smoother and it shines with youthfulness.

Beate Johnen TIME FREEZE Lifting up Body SouffléBJ TIME FREEZE Lifting up Body Soufflé has even more to offer:

Symfit 1617
A fast-acting anti-cellulite agent that makes the skin appear visibly smoother after only 4 weeks and significantly reduces the appearance of cellulite.

Alpaflor Artemisia
High-quality phyto extract of the alpine plant "Genuine Edelraute" has a strong anti-oxidative effect and reduces skin irritation.

Silica is one of the most important trace elements for binding moisture in our skin. It affects the skin metabolism positively and stimulates not only the formation of collagen and elastin but also the stabilization of the connective tissue.

Vitamin E
The skin protection vitamin neutralizes free radicals and supports the elasticity of the skin. The skin relief is improved and appears smoother.

Glycerin has an impressive hydrating effect as part of the high-tech moisturizing system. The skin barrier is protected and the elasticity of the skin is promoted.

The essential amino acid lysine as one of the most important collagen constituents and contributes significantly to the skin tightening.

Application: Apply the smoothing Body Soufflé to the body skin as required and massage it in.

Contents: 400 ml bottle with pump dispenser

Beate Johnen Cosmetics stands for optimum skin compatibility while at the same time optimal effect. Included in every BJ product: Reparin - the 8 skin developers, which support the major repair processes. The microstructure formula ensures that BJ cosmetics also work in the deeper skin layers.
Did you know? That the care products of Beate Johnen are subject to strict purity?

All products are

  • Free of mineral oils
  • Free from silicones
  • Free of PEG-containing emulsifiers
  • & all vegetable oils used are free from genetic engineering


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