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2-phase mouthwash for whiter teeth2-phase mouthwash for whiter teeth

The natural shade of the teeth is differently with each human being. This can be due to environmental factors, dietary habits or consumption of stimulants. To daily oral care belongs mostly the daily brushing of teeth with brush and in some cases the use of dental floss. Hard to reach places such as the tongue, palate and mouth cavity are not sufficiently clean with toothbrush and silk in most cases. Tooth discoloration and damage can result.

For those who want whiter teeth and want to improve their daily oral hygiene, we have developed a mild, alcohol-free 2-phase mouthwash.

The WHITENING-ACTIVE-PHASE with novel, non-abrasive pro-whitening agent complex cleans the teeth and reduces discoloration. The WHITENING-PROTECT-PHASE with protective shield technology forms an invisible, slightly oily protective film for noticeably smoother teeth and thus prevents reddening. With fluoride for caries protection.

A second recipe EXTRA for smokers has a strengthened protection against new contamination and contains mint - for the added freshness.

The result: Bacteria in the oral cavity are gently combated, discoloration is solved and the natural whiteness of the teeth is retained.

The advantages at a glance:

  • Dissolves soiling on the teeth
  • Removes discoloration and brightens the teeth optically
  • 2-phase mouthwash for whiter teethProtection against new stains with a light-film-forming effect
  • Promotes re-mineralization of the teeth
  • Inhibits bacterial growth and the formation of caries
  • Reduces plaque formation
  • Anti-microbial effect with essential oils
  • Mild-fresh taste
  • Innovative 2-phase technology
  • Without alcohol- therefore also suitable for pregnant women, children from 3 years, people with alcohol problems or chronically ill
  • Without mineral oils or ethheoxylated oils
  • Dermatest VERY GOOD
  • Compatibility clinically proven
  • Tested under dental check
  • Extra recipe for smokers with the protection plus against new stains and fresh mint


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