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Beate Johnen Strixx EffectsBeate Johnen Strixx Effects
Twin-Lift Ampoule Cure Duo

As one of the first in the world we have succeeded to fruition an ampoule cure as a 2-phase formulation. By briefly shaking the nourishing oil phase and the power-packed light phase penetrate one another and reach only when applied to the skin of its full potency.

Beate Johnen Strixx Effects Twin-Lift Ampoule Cure aids in activating the skin's own repair processes and ensures a visibly more beautiful complexion.

Experience a highly effective anti-aging skin care with first-class ingredients that relax the facial expressions and reduce visible especially expression wrinkles. An innovative active ingredient complex improves noticeably the tone and elasticity of the skin. Even rough skin is supple maintained. The replacement of emulsifiers by innovative Bi-Technology causes an outstanding compatibility.

BJ Strixx Effects Twin-Lift Ampoule Cure – Facial contours are tightened, wrinkles and fine lines are visibly reduced.
The result is a noticeably smooth and revitalized skin that radiates velvety but not shiny.

BJ Strixx Effects Twin-Lift Ampoule Cure Duo convinces with highly-effective ingredients such as

  • Lexorez® TL-8
    An intelligent ingredient which provides a reservoir for the active ingredients. At the same time an ideal transport system for better distribution of the active ingredients throughout the epidermis is formed. The maintenance can penetrate deeper into the skin and a higher efficacy. Visible wrinkle depth reduction. Due to its skin-related structural skin irritations can be noticeably reduced.
  • Regestril™
    The new high-tech solution of science for modern skin care. Originally, the active ingredient combination of peptides to combat stretch marks was developed in the United States. Efficacy tests also certify this combination a highly effective, visible action against the optical signs of premature aging. Prevents stretch marks and wrinkles visually and it softens visibly.
  • Syn®-Ake
    Developed as an efficient skin-smoothing and wrinkle reducing care substance. About a noticeable relaxation of the facial muscles, the visible effects of aging can be reduced. Specifically, expression wrinkles will be visually counteracted.

Content: 28 glass ampoules 2ml in a high-quality slipcase cardboard box with 4 drawers

Beate Johnen Strixx EffectsBeate Johnen cosmetics combine ideal skin-compatibility with best results.
All products of Beate Johnen subject to the Beate Johnen purity law:

  • free from mineral oils
  • free from silicones
  • free from PEGs
  • all plant-oils contained are GMO free


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