pH-neutrales Gleitgel pH-natural Lubricant –
Maintains the natural balance of the sensitive skin in the genital area.

• perfect glide
• authentic feeling
• ph natural

A natural water-based lubricant that maintains the natural balance of skin-friendly pH value. The pH of the genital area differs from other parts of the body. A pH-neutral water-based lubricant that protects and strengthens the natural balance in sensitive intimate areas is recommended for regular use.

The lubricant is moisturizing and gentle to the skin. It noticeably improves the gliding performance during sexual intercourse while relieving and reducing vaginal dryness. The Lubricant is perfect for vaginal, anal or oral use.

It is condom compatible and is excellent for using sex toys, latex or similar. The lubricant can easily be washed off with warm water.

  • Produkt Juniall condoms applicable
  • moisturizing
  • gentle to the skin
  • skin-friendly pH value
  • strengthens the skin barrier
  • water-based, easy to wash off
  • made in Germany

Also available as a professional version: additionally with hyaluronic acid.

Hyaluronic Acid and phantenol intensively prevent skin dryness, so the skin barrier is strengthened and the irritated skin is soothed. It provides the skin with extra moisture and makes it soft and supple at the same time.



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