Product of the month april

Anti Corn PenAnti Corn Pen – effective corn reduction & fast pain relief

We have developed the Anti Corn Pen to allow an effective and easy treatment of painful corns and to relieve pressure pains caused by excessive keratinized skin (cornea).
The active substance salicylic acid breaks down the corn. The combination with panthenol penetrates into the keratinized skin so the corns are effectively reduced and gently treated.

Benefits of the Anti Corn Pen

  • Convenient single-hand use
  • To-Go formatsize (fits in every handbag)
  • Easy to apply, also between the toes
  • No additional pressure pain compared to e.g. a plaster
  • Invisible concentrate
  • Rated "very good" by a famous consumer test magazine
  • First innovation in corn treatment since over 20 years
  • Ready-to-go development as a medical device class 1, launch under your own brand immediately possible

What is a corn and why does it hurt?
Constant pressure against the same patch of skin causes the epidermis to thicken. A corn is a concentrated area of thickened skin and can be found in difficult to treat areas such as between the toes. Intensive pain results when the corn reaches the dermis far enough to irritate the nerve endings.

Present products in the market are plasters and tictures.
Both are inconvenient in application. The precision applicator of our Anti Corn Pen guarantees safety of use – anytime and anywhere.


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