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Hyaluron AmpullenHyaluron ampoules

The new hyaluron vials contain three different hyaluronic acids: high, medium and low molecular weight for a visibly smoother skin.

Hyaluron is a corporeal substance that occurs both in the cells and in the cell interstices. The most important property of hyaluronic acid is its ability to bind water and to moisten the skin down to the deeper layers.

In our hyaluron ampoules, the latest findings on the effects of different hyaluronic structures have been incorporated and so we have fused three types of the high-quality anti-aging substance into a unique hyaluronic acid complex:

  • High molecular weight hyaluronic acid is deposited as a thin film on the skin and effectively binds moisture in the stratum corneum. It only releases its hydrate coat after several hours and has a firming and smoothing effect over a long period of time. Small wrinkles are padded and the skin image feels noticeably finer and smoother.
  • The lower molecular weight of the medium and low molecular weight hyaluronic acid allows penetration of the skin barrier. It proves to be a moisture store in the deeper skin layers.

The skin has a noticeably taller, firmer and youthful appearance and can defend itself wonderfully against the visible signs of premature aging.

The renouncement of hard-to-tolerate or animal ingredients makes hyaluron ampoules a popular care for the irritated or hyper-sensitive skin. Even for allergy sufferers this pure hyaluron serum is recommended by physicians and pharmacists as an addition to the usual day and / or night care.

Convincing product characteristics:

  • Hyaluron Booster Serum: High, medium and low molecular weight hyaluron in ampoule form
  • Visible smoothing of the skin through optimal moisture retention
  • Hyaluronic acidCan be combined with all existing cosmetic products
  • Special care for irritated and sensitive skin
  • Avoid allergies and skin irritations
  • Sensible & visible care experience
  • Recommended by doctors & pharmacists
  • Skin tolerance tested with "very good"
  • Free of preservatives, dyes and fragrances
  • No animal experiments and no animal proteins
  • Concentration on highly active ingredients, thus
  • Optimal effect with maximum compatibility
  • Ready-to-go innovation "Made in Germany"
  • Content: 30 re-sealable ampoule tubes of 0,6ml


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