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Beate Johnen B|Ageless X50 CELL POWER ENRICHBeate Johnen B|Ageless X50 CELL POWER ENRICH

You want to have a noticeable younger and beautiful skin image? This can be enabled with the combination of the most important B vitamins B7, B9 and B12 and the high-performance peptide X50.

The skin cell experiences an intensive build-up by absorbing these vitamins. Supported in its renewal process and with the strengthened function as barrier the skin appears much smoother, tighter and narrowed. The pore image is refined. The result: a fresh and relaxed skin feeling. The ampoule supplies the skin with long-lasting and intensive moisture.

Vitamin B3 also acts against signs of premature aging and reduces visible fine wrinkles. Skin irritations such as impurities and redness are reduced.

What makes the serum so powerful?

  • Vitamin B7, B9 and B12 benefit the cell growth such as the cell regeneration. In addition they increase the level of energy, the lift of the skin and duplicate the collagen synthesis. The complexion appears brightened and fresher and is protected from extraneous influences at the same time.
  • The unique X50 Anti Aging Peptide assures a stimulation of the specific skin cell which is 50 times more efficient. The elastin synthesis is 800% higher and deep wrinkles are reduced about 33%. The agent is released continuously.
  • Vitamin B3 is an agent against premature skin aging and can counteract skin irritations. It causes a reduction of fine wrinkles and pigmented spots such as an enhancement of the skin elasticity about 19%.
  • Provitamin B5 has a moisturizing and regenerative effect. Moreover it verifiable strengthens the skin’s function as barrier by increasing the ability of the horny layer to tie water.

Beate Johnen B|Ageless X50 CELL POWER ENRICHThe application of B | Ageless X50 CELL POWER ENRICH is very simple. At the touch of a button the two vitamin phases are mixed to unfold the full potency. The enclosed applicator can be screwed onto each of the ampoules and allows a metered application.

Contents: 5 ampoules of 12ml + applicator

Beate Johnen cosmetics combine ideal skin-compatibility with best results. All products of Beate Johnen subject to the Beate Johnen purity law:

  • Free from mineral oils
  • Free from silicones
  • Free from PEGs
  • All plant-oils contained are GMO free


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