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Neurodermatitis basic careNeurodermatitis basic care

A basic care for neurodermatitis should be refatting and strengthen the skin barrier.
Light consistencies with good spreadability and the absence of ingredients with additional sensitization potential help the claimed skin regain its balance.

The use of anti-itching and anti-inflammatory drugs promises relief against the annoying itching and ensures that regenerated skin parts regenerate. The more dry the skin is, the more fat and care should be applied.

The neurodermatitis care program developed by us with an expert team currently consists of three products and is suitable for daily care as well as special care for acute needs.

The combination of selected plant extracts from e.g. Incense or sweet tooth with essential fatty acids from olives and Borretschsamen gives supple consistencies.
The addition of vitamins and lipids promises additional care for the stressed skin. By dispensing with controversial additives, our products achieve outstanding tolerability and are also suitable for sensitive children's skin.

The advantages:

  • Neurodermatitis basic careGentle, therapy-accompanying care for daily use
  • Support the regeneration of the skin barrier
  • Relief of the itching
  • Anti-inflammatory effect
  • Against irritation, redness and dryness
  • Shower & skin care tailored to each other
  • Provides the skin with polyunsaturated essential fatty acids (e.g. γ-linolenic acid)
  • Innovative bi-gel technology in the lotion
  • Supports a permanent improvement of the skin condition
  • Suitable for sensitive children's skin
  • Pleasant fragrance of plum seed oil
  • Other fragrances can be implemented
  • PH-neutral
  • Without cortisone
  • Without Parabene
  • Without perfume
  • Without mineral oils
  • Dermatologically tested efficacy
  • Made in Germany


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